Goodbye Elementary Days!
Thursday, April 28, 2005 • 8:34 PM • 0 comments

I just woke up this morning and I realized a great difference on me.How could I have done that?!?! Well, I think my heart and mind are in adjustment process now. Im not used to it. I will have my two months vacation and I will soon enter high school. I dont know how will I react with these situations. I think Im not yet ready for teenage drama life. I hope everything will be normal soon.

So goodbye elementary. Goodbye friends and classmates. I will miss you for sure. Fatima, Carylee and Charmaine see yah soon fellas. I love you. :( Accidents will never be accidents anymore. No more childish acts and plays. I will miss langit lupa, sikio (sp?) and other more things. I hope Highschool Life will be friendly to me. Goodbye crushes? HAHA! Im sure I will have a lot in hs but I dont care at all about this one.


Gladys/22 years old/Philippines

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