More of Vacation :)
Saturday, May 28, 2005 • 10:32 PM • 0 comments

Pangasinan Escapade! I love the rush of water on my body. HAHA! Its not flood. Uggghh, bad :)) The river is sooo deep and I really love the bridge over it. I jumped once and again. And then the Manong came and he told us not to jump cause the bridge might crack. HAHA! Yeah, Im fat =)) What the heck? I can diet. I wish :D.
I really notice a lot of changes now. Especially on my cousins. They are not that so sociable now. Kailangan pa ng pilitan. They are hiding on their houses, what would I do? Its so bad naman to sneak on their houses even though its kinda kulit tingnan :)) Even me, I became shy. Weh? HAHA! Yeah right. I dont know. How stupid.
My other cousins are going to transfer in Valenzuela soon. Well, kinda good but not at all. Cause this only mean one thing. Lalong dadami ang mga absents sa reunion. :( They will only have their vacation if Tita will visit Phippines from Hongkong or if Tita will let them visit. Uggh, this funny destiny really brought a lot of trouble. Yay! Classes will start in a week. Please pray for me. :))

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