A New Found Friend
Monday, June 13, 2005 • 4:15 PM • 0 comments

The sections are already settled. Im in Archimedes (Yeah, I made it all the way to Section 1 ). Im surprised, cause some of my classmates are my contenders in Math Olympiad, Reading proficiency and other contests. But I dont really treat them as an enemy even in our elementary days. Very glad to see Anthony ( kinda curious if he is a gay: ), Gianne , Angelica (from other section), Aimee and others. I dont know all of their names eh. Sorry :(.

I have new friends now. Gianne and Claudia. I cant believe it. HAHA! Gianne came from CES and she is my contender in Reading Proficiency way way back 2004. Our teachers had an arguement pa but not us. We dont care. HAHA! And Clai came from PZES, im not sure of it. Basta from Zamora. And I came from VABES :)). And others. Uhhmm, they are great. Very friendly. I'll describe them for you :)).

Gianne is a small girl with rosy cheeks. She's pretty and she looks fabulosa :). She is very child at heart and sobrang kulit. Clai has a chinky eyes because she's half chinese. She's white and she has a very long hair. She's quiet and nice at all. Others are Aleana and Ailene. Aleana came from RES ata but she's one of my folks in our seminar in Copyreading and Headlining. She loves Ompioms. Yeah. :)) She's very talkative and funny. Ailene came from CES also. She's Gianne's friend too. She's nice and her voice is very nice. Kamukha daw niya si Matet. Well, yeah Im convinced. Btw, my first seatmate is Jessica Yang. She looks like a geek : She looks matalino kasi, well.. Yes she is :)).

The teachers are quite fine although they poured so many assignments on my bag now. So what else? oh yeah, talking about my bag.. it is sooo heavy. Awww, first friday mass will be on the 16th. Im excited cause its friday. But there's no service. Im too lazy to go commute.

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