School Days Started to Creep In
Saturday, June 11, 2005 • 8:00 AM • 0 comments

Wheeeww! The first week of classes is now over. Its already 8:00 am and Im wide awake now because we will have a group work in Complex. My mom will acompany me cause I dont know the venue. :)) I will leave probably by 10 in the morning. Two hourse to go so I'll just take a few clicks before I took a bath.

Lets go reminisce. HAHA! First day of classes and Im with my mom. She's with me but not until dismissal cause she have a lot of things to do. She didnt go with my sister because that's the policy in my sister's school. As in No Parents Allowed. :)) We arrived there in a kinda early clock. Large number of students are waiting for the announcement. My mom and I are in our disturbia because we dont know how will I knot my ribbon because the students knot it in two ways but now I know na mali pala yung una. HAHA! Im in Newton (the 2nd section), others cant believe it because my grades really dont fit in the second section. But its tentative pa naman. So as usual, I dont talk a lot. And as usual again, getting to know each other stage. We went home mga 12 na pero dapat 3 pa. That's okay cause start pa lang naman ng classes. Ms. Mendoza was late and she got angry pa kasi someone laugh at something. I dont know if she hate it.
Uggghh, Im afraid. I have met different people. I mean some are weird and some are hella funny. HAHA! I really laugh my ass out because of a girl naming Honey. Taaaddddahh! Her surname kasi is Salagubang and her nose really kakaiba :))))). Sorry for that. I know that's bad. HAHA.

Okay until here. Bye.

Gladys/22 years old/Philippines

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