First Friday Mass
Thursday, June 16, 2005 • 1:00 PM • 0 comments

Its our First Friday Mass. We had it after the flag ceremony. I havent finish it because Mrs. De Castro, our Gen. Sci teacher sent me with Kriszia in our room to take care of the belongings :( I hate it cause I want to finish the mass but well its okay cause I have enough time to went bonding with Kriszia. She's nice. But when we talk about our family especially with our siblings, she became sad and teary eyed and I cant ask why. Why kaya? Im totally curious kasi why is that her reaction is like that. But well, better keep it on myself.

High School is making my world upside down now. I miss my elementary friends :( We are in different schools now. Fatima is in Perpectual Help somewhere in Cavite, Glazelle is in Masci and Carylee and Charmaine are in South and Me, Im in West. I miss them. I really want to cry when lunch time came because all have their companies but me, Im such a loner. Of course, I cant force Clai and Gianne to come with me cause they also have theire own friends. I want my elementary friends back :(

I really hate our service. Alex , oh sorry for that, Kuya Alex really pissed me off a while ago. Bwisit sya :)). Kasi naman, the car dont have gas na pala so we need to go into a gas station. But it doesnt matter cause the gas station is on our way, the thing is we, YES WE ARE THE ONE WHO ARE GOIN TO PAY FOR THE GASOLINE. What the? As far as I remember my mom did pay him yesterday with one month advance pa so why did he get the gasoline fee to us? Me, Tin and Joana payed for it because Joy and Antonette cant daw cause sakto lang daw pera nila. Ughh, Im irritated talaga. Then, when we arrived at the gasoline station, Joana's mom did call me... Joy got hysterical and she is going to run off the vehicle but then I turn off my phone. K? HAHA! She got gulat eh. Bakit ba. I hate you Alex. X-(

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