Tuesday, August 23, 2005 • 2:07 AM • 0 comments

Our Intrams is sooooooooo fun! We almost grab the whole splash. HAHA! Margareth won in Miss Intrams. She is a freshman like me and we came from same school but she's not my classmate. Uhmmm, Im hella proud though :))

I dont know that almost all of my friends can notice it na pala. Even Anthony ata. Im pushing Anthony out of my way. I dont know. Iniiwasan ko siya. When he talk to me I became irritated. Ewan ko ba, but now hindi na. Too late, we are not that soo close now. I became sarcastic ata. Badddd! But we are talking naman kaya lang he found his fellas now. I hope his great now.

Eug and me got gulat a while ago when we asked Honey. HAHA! Hella fun talaga :)) I asked Honey ksi ung tanong na hindi ko pa natatanong kay Anthony :)). I asked Honey if Anthony is a gay. The Honey replied, "hindi ah, crush nga ko nun eh." Me and Eug was like ewan then we laugh out loud. I told it to Anthony even him, he really laugh but he told me that he really had a crush to Honey.

Honey's statement is okay naman kaya lang were not expecting her in that way. HAHAHA! I love yah Honey! =))

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