Second Year!
Wednesday, July 26, 2006 • 2:34 AM • 0 comments

First year is now over. Second year is with me right now. Im now a SOPHOMORE!. Its really funny how many months did I try to touch my blog but nothing happened. I didn't even post about Christmas, New Year, Valentines , end of classes and many more things. But I'll try to catch you up. This might be my first and last post for the year 2006 because we dont have a net. :(


Last 2005.....

Eug, Kriszia,Gianne and Me went to CCP without any permission. We had a groupwork but it was not tuloy cause others didnt came. They asked me to join them and because maaga pa naman, I agree. We went to CCP. Gawd! ang layo :'(. But we had fun with the bikes and we had a gala aftie. HAHA! I went home mga 8 na ksi naligaw pa ko. Eventhough I have fun I was guilty. I am only 12 and then I lied to my parents just to escape their guidance. Bad.

My friends and I are wala na. T_T. We are not talking to each other for months. It started when Cultural Day was launched. Eug, Kriszia and I are seeking for a vacant seat when we saw a vacant seats in front of Mirakel. Mirakel yelled to us not to sit there because they are goin to have it. So I transfered at the back but Eug and Kriszia was still there. They want to give the chair and I told them to give na lng to avoid arguements. They got angry to me ksi kami naman daw nauna. So yun. :'(

It was fun. We spent it again naman ng maganda. Thank God for that wonderful night and celebration.

New Year
Another good year had passed again. Because its already January, my birthday will come 11 days after. Excited. ;)

My Birthday
Nobody recognizde my birthday except my family. Awww, it hurts. Really, it hurts :(

Come and see show of Kuya Aldrin Caratao for his crushes. I dont got kilig, its baduy =))

End of Classes
Im happy. Ang tagal natapos ng classes. MAN! 2006 NA!

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