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Wednesday, November 22, 2006 • 2:49 AM • 0 comments

I got shocked about what I knew the last time. Sorry if this post is somehow late. This thing happened pa when I was in first year but ngayon ko lang nalaman. I felt horrible about what I heard and learned. Its too late. I realized that only Gianne, Aleana and Ailene were really true to me. Well, I dont want to think of the word betrayal cause I dont want to. I dont want to put in my mind that Clai betrayed me :(. But yes she did. But how come? I wanna ask her why but I cant. She's having a problem na naman because of us---her classmates. And I cant ask her cause she will cry in front of me--AGAIN. I dont want to take away what she have for now so I'll just sit here and wait for the destined moment to ask her about this one. Maybe I've done something bad to her but this is not right. Its unfair for my part :(. I'll just give you a little idea as to why did it all happened.

Regine, Abbie and Ate Luz are my new friends when I entered second year. I dont know kng panu nangyari yun maybe because Reg is my seatmate and Abbie and Ate Luz are her friends. So I became close to them. They are nice. Ate Luz is very smart. She can analyze everything. As in everything. Can you imagine that? :)) Regine is nice also and very funny when she complain about arts. She dont know how to draw kasi but she's great in Math. And Abbie, napansin ko lng.. were look alike :)). We both have chinky eyes and we love to eat. And another one pa pala>>> Michael..ooops! Kimmy pala. :)) Yeah he is a gay but I love him though. He is my brother, cause were look alike din. And he is soooo funny.

So they are the one who told me about the issue. Actually it was Reg and Abbie. They dont have the intention to open that thing on me. It all happened unexpectedly. At that time we dont have
research so as usual we started to talk about something. Then they told me that they were angry to me when we were in first year especially their boyfriends, Raymundo and KD. That's why ganun lagi yung reaction ni Lopera sa kin. Then I asked them why? Their answer is because Claudia told them that I spread in the whole class the gossip about Lopera and Regine kissed in Masagana which is not true. I was like slap twice harder than I thought. I told them that it is not true because Claudia is the one who told us about it. Even if they ask Eug. Grabe.. I cant think of something so I cried. They comfort me naman. And then I noticed Kuya Aldrin at my back...actually, sobrang near and I know at that very moment that he heard everything.

Even Kuya Aldrin, inaaway niya ko nung first year. Cause crush niya si Clai. And then Claudia told Kuya Aldrin pala na inaaway ko sya something blahblahblah which is not true. Kuya always asked me about that. I wanna punch him cause he dont know the whole story but he always blame me about Claudia. I mean.. the heck? I dont care at first but this became so big and I cant control it. Ano gagawin ko? I feel so humiliated for the first time. I have my self esteem degrade for 10% or 50%. Many people became angry to me because of this betrayal. I told Reg and Abbie not to mention it to their boyfriends cause it will cause too much damage pa. Cause I know Lopera and Kd will confront Clai and the whole class will know what happened. So better to keep this mouth shut for a moment. Hayaan na lng. Damaged has been done. There's nothing to do about it. Konsensya na lng.

And to Clai, I thought you're my friend but how did you do this to me? I hope one day, you'll realize that you brought too much damaged in my life. Maybe Im angry now, but not forever. I'll try to forgive you although you will not say sorry. Thank you for sharing you're little part to me and for making me realize that I have found my true friends now. I hope we could talk about this one. I wanna ask you why kasi. But just drop it na lang. I hope you'll find your true friends also.

Gladys/22 years old/Philippines

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