Xmas Party
Friday, December 22, 2006 • 6:01 PM • 0 comments

Yay! Our Christmas Party was a whacked! Medyo masaya pero mas masaya when I was in Elementary. Im not that too excited this morning cause I felt so tired. Yesterday we went to my Father's Christmas Party then I ate a lot.. as in a lot! :)) Yeah, right tabachoy! =))))))))))). Then now, kainan again. Okay lang, I need to make bawi cause I was hospitalized for more than a week last October because of dengue.And I dont eat a lot ngayon lang. And I realized na its sooo fun to eat. :))

I have a secret pala. But because I'll post it in my blog it will not be a secret anymore :)) The thing is my parents cant read this so it will be a secret on their part. First of all, I want to say sorry to my parents because I lied again. After our Party, I went to MOA with my friends. And I didnt ask permission cause I know they will not let me go. I really want to spent time together with my friends but my parents are super strict. :(

When I went home, they got angry cause 7:00 pm na daw. I dont even say a word. I let them talked cause I know it was my fault. After they talked, I went upstairs. I cried a little because I am guilty and I didnt confess my sin to them :(. But deep inside Im happy cause for the first time I had my friends with me although napagalitan kaming tatlo. =)) That's life... that's teenage life. :)

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