Bye Sophomores!
Wednesday, April 18, 2007 • 6:25 PM • 0 comments

Second Year is already finished. Time flies so quickly naman but I really had fun. Im so nervous last week.Last week our card was released and I am so nervous cause I might be transfered to section 2 because my grades are low because I got sick. But not that so low. Cause I really need to maintain my grades to be above 85 :). So I arrived late again because of Antonette. I saw Clai on our way and nakuha niya na card niya. HAHA! Tapos kami papunta pa lng. Epal ni Antonette eh =)).

Then I went home straight. Walang gala.. gala. :) Im soooooooooo bait na. HAHA! Im so excited for vacation. We will visit Ilocos again. I miss my grandparents, my cousins and my relatives. Aww, I'll be there soon. I promised. :))

Gladys/22 years old/Philippines

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