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I dont want to leave this year.
cause this year is whack!!! :))
I had so much fun.. :))
I hate my life ryt now. There's something wrong but i dont know what it is. ;)
But well, this year is so hooottt :))
There are so many things that i really enjoy this year.
Here are the most memorable part of my life for this year.

1) I've met *him* ---- I had a chance to chat and talk to him on the net and on cellphone.He even call on our house and that phone call is so looonnggg. 1hour and 12 minutes. I guess ;)

2) We went to Ilocos Norte---- Its great dude! I saw my grandparents again. I really missed them so much. So thats the perfect time to hang with them again. Im starting to miss them again. :(

3) We went on perya--- Hey! dont laugh! :)) cause that is my first tym to go on perya. I really had a great time there. The noise makes my heart jump and I really enjoy every bit of it. I won so many chips. :))

4) My phone got lost--- Oh, it is so mean. Uugghh. I hate that person who got it. That phone has a sentimental value. But I wish karma for that person and im partly recovered now cause Im so excited for my new phone na :))

5) Others are secret na-------- Secret na ung iba. Thats my privacy na I think. Im so sad now cause this is my last entry for this year.

But I will still post some of my entries and for this time its for the new year 2008.
See yah next year. ;)

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