Sunday, January 6, 2008 • 7:50 PM • 0 comments

Cram! Cram! Cram! Stupid Mind. :))

What a very challenging day for me. :)) This day is the last day of christmas break. Tomorrow will be the start of classes and all of my school works are still waiting for me :)) I am too lazy to do every part of it..I really want to relax and I really want my Xmas Break to be worth remembering but I guess it is memorable.

I expect school to be friendly this year. I hope that our monster teachers will turn to be a fairy godmother to us..hahah..i expect too much school works this week.. :))

But Im not yet ready to attend our classes tomorrow. Im still tired. Although I keep myself busy by eating,sleeping and surfing the net. Its not fun actually. Although Im quite bored I still love vacation. Im so happy cause we went to Pangasinan and we swam on the river and guess what??? We jumped on a bridge above the river. Isnt that challenging? I wish for summer ryt now. :))

But because there is no classes. It means that there is no allowance :P So u need to spend ur own savings w/c is really not good/

Well enough for today. Im gonna share my experiences to everyone tomorrow. Lets see if my first day of school this school year will be great. :))

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