Eron drama!
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My stomach really hurts. Regine was in a state of shock, drama and depression..(for everyone's info, Regine is a great friend of mine. MY PARTNER IN CRIME!) Well, the story was all started in this way. We have to answer our assignment in our stupid blackboard and because Reg was one of the cravers(including me :P ) for that stupid additional one point in our recitation, then our teacher called her. How lucky! :P, then after she finished answering her share on the assignment she went back on her chair. Then she noticed that her book was not on her desk, then she started to get histerical.

reg: sau ba book ko?
me: anung book?
reg: ung math book ko.
me: may book kya kay ate luz
reg: asan na ung book ko?
me: hanapin mo kya..bka nsa bag mo (then she check out her bag)
reg: wla eh..

then she had a teary eyes na. She wants to cry so that she can get the attention of our classmates to bring back her book.

maam castillo:blahhh..blahh...
reg: maam..
maam castillo:blah..blah..
maam castillo: am i ryt?
reg: yes..maam!
maam castillo: oh yes regine..why?
reg: maam..may kumuha po ng book ko..
maam castillo: (in a confused way) huh?

after a second or two..

anthony: (to me) anu daw un?
me: ung book daw ni reg..
anthony: hala! reg nsa kin libro mo..hiniram ko kya..
reg: (teary eyes) tinatanong kta knina eh..
anthony: si gladz lng naman tinanong mo eh..
me and anthony: (laugh out loud)

I really laugh out loud through the whole math time and then after math time she lost her book again then she found it on jimmy's property. They had some misunderstanding but its ok naman na. :))

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