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What happens when he's your prince charming but your not his Cindrella???

*I dont wanna think about it.. maybe im hurt but atleast i still have a heart to feel.
i havent post anything here for days.. :)). Im quite busy, I guess. Well im gonna give an outline for my great and sucking days..


*im happy for my new layout in friendster.. kinda.. :*we went on shopping last friday and saturday.. i love it :X

*i bought my new dress and i really love its style

*i went on my sister's prom..haah.. i saw many funny things that i put up on a story :P

*we went to chowking and i ate chao fan then we went straight to aristocrat and i bought a chocolate beehive.. its yummy! super! its a chocolate brownies with a big chocolate slurps on top with marshmallow inside..ahah

*we went on raja sulayman park and i really love the fountain.. so close to nature..

*i went on our group work knina.. we had so much kwento knina.. i had a lot of fun with angelie,margareth,angela,regine,abbie and ate luz with bacarro na nga..haha..*our kwentos are all about crushes.. my gawd! i will never forget our codes! ahha >>>kikiam,waffle,donut,scotch brite,siopao,pork barrell(sp?),slut boy.. (others are imbento..i cant remeber kxi eh)


*someone pisses me off.. she's a slut..

*i hate my sister..she got the cam when she enter her prom venue..kainiz! i need it kya..

*i hate the cam.. i cant upload the pics

*i hate my self.... i cant pose a good posing..haha


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