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This day is cool. Our assignment in plasmid is now over ERASED!. I had so much fun. I guess:)). Except the fact that my right hand is so painful. I think its because I have wrote so many things this day>>> useless things? :))

I enjoy our test in chemistry a while ago. DIGIMON IS SO CUTE! Everything was a blast. She gave us a very..very long exam. Take note: 6 or 8 pages and most of the question are problem solving. But its great! I dunno why but Digi's face really tickles me off =)) After the test when our papers were need to be passed the class suddenly became crazy! then Digimon said, PASS YOUR PAPER WITHOUT STANDING! OMG! She is shouting na with fire coming out of her mouth=))

And one more thing, we were discussing some things when i suddenly spill out my friend's crush. I shout, "SCOTCH BRITE!" I thought everything was ok but I forgot that one of my classmate really knows that the code scotch brite stands out for ***** So ayun, she already know Abbie's crush. I dunno If my other classmates already knew it.. Im so mean!!!!!!>>> accidentally MEAN!

more..more..more! haha.. :)) we were going home na knina.. when i suddenly notice that my friend's bag is open.. so i zip it out..but something went on me and then i pull her bag..expecting that she will resist from it..but no! haha.. so i just pull her with all of my might until she resist it.. we end ourselves laughing out loud.,.haha..well guyz..its regine again..laugh all you want with this funny girl..haha

I LOVE THIS DAY!!!!!!!!!valentines day is coming>>>february 14!!!advance happy valentines day guys!enjoy ur day..

P.S: i know something memorable will happen na naman..haha.. i know.. it always happen every valentines day!!!!!!! watch out for it dahlins! :))

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