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FIRST PART: mere stupidity

-arrived in school at exactly 7 am.. people are busy talking to each other...
-share stories with reg,michael and abbie
-watch the come and see show (KUYA ALDRIN'S ERON DRAMA)
-the class went crazy when the story of the cute atenista Robi Domingo was opened up. :))
-went to STI mobile bus? i cant remember the real name :
-had an achievement test in MAPEH.. damn school time is not over
-me,abbie,reg and michael went on a race.. okay.. so hot :D

SECOND PART: totally stupid

-went to MOA with ailene
-ate at MCDO and KFC
-went to Tom's World.. i just tried my luck and kaboom! nothing change
-went to Zagu. Got a regular chocolate yummy shake with pearls
-roamed around MOA.and then i became stupid..

here's the story..

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We went to MOA. It was all planned and I didnt ask permission from my mom thatz why i felt guilty. Then we searched for restaurants cuz we are hungry. We went to Mcdo and we got burger,french fries and coke then we went to KFC and we had a mushroom soup. We are so full. We spent almost an hour there. We roamed around to searched for rest room. After searching, we went to the Music Hall cause I want to see the trace of Sam Concepcion's gig there. I wasnt able to attend that gig cuz the show will start at 6pm. But I was wrong. The banner says that the gig started at 10 am. DAMN IT! IM STUPID!!!. Im so pissed and I really want to stand up in the middle on the road and let the vehicles passed on my poor body, stupid mind and damn heart =((. Im so lonely so we went to Tom's world but I just wasted my money cause I didnt got any prize. :(( Then we went to hypermarket so it was nothing we just passed there. Then we went to Zagu. Ailene and I had loads of kwentos thats why I dont owe her kwentos. The I went home.

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