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   If you want to laugh on your friend's stupidities you must first check this out. :)) Well this one is not bastos ah. Maybe your thinking it is but not =)) The title has a history so you better check this out. So I must tell you the story first. I got online on ym and I saw Loreign was online too. She buzzed me up and I got pissed because Im dizzy whenever someone buzz me in Ym. :)) Then we open up about my dream last night. Its about me and ________(fill in the blanks. LOL!) The we are in a show and I got to do something with with him, sleep and other things blahblah. Then she told me about something and here it is. CHECK OUT OUR CONVERSATION. LOREIGN: I AM PREGNANT!

loreign santos: uhmm.. i think i will be pregnant :))
gladys cabugon: huh? labo mo :|
oreign santos:im serious dude
gladys cabugon: how can you say that you moron :))
loreign santos: i can see the signsd
loreign santos: *signs
gladys cabugon: what signs?
loreign santos:uhmm..
gladys cabugon: you mean, you make lovey do with palanca!yuck! l
oreign santos: nope! bitch!
gladys cabugon: what do you mean? i mean how can you say that if you dont do that act of lasciviousness?
loreign santos: i saw some signs a while ago. 
gladys cabugon: what signs?
loreign santos: FIRST: I watch wowowee and the contestants are young mothers. SECOND: My tita got pregnant. Nalaman nyang lang kninang umaga. THIRD: Pinakita sakin ni Jake ung pics ng mga fetus. FOURTH: Im waiting for the fourth sign:))
gladys cabugon: eh! what's your connection about that?
loreign santos: nothing. Its just pop up in my mind. tanga ko! ahha
gladys cabugon: oo nga. ahah. you will not be able to get pregnant if you dont get lovey do with palanca except if you got raped by somebody :)).
loreign santos: oh yeah. okie dokie. Im not preggy =)))) Thanks! BITCH
gladys cabugon: epal:)) im gonna post this conversation in my blog..haha.
loreign santos:no! pare have mercy.
gladys cabugon: that's okay. they dont know you naman :))
loreign santos: okay! think green.
gladys cabugon
: i must go.. bye!
loreign santos: you rarely go online in ym now. I think ur bored.
gladys cabugon: yeah..yeah.. bye!
loreign santos: bye! ima see ur blog :))
gladys cabugon: sure :)


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