Monday, April 14, 2008 • 9:08 PM • 0 comments

     So its April 14, 2008 now. This day is a very special day for my Mama Cel, actually she's not my mom, she 's my aunt but i treat her as a mom cause i almost grew up with her (haha.. we are like neighbors actually.. just one street away :P)

     I forgot or i dont actually know its her birthday until my mom cant get rid of it and she told us that it is Mama Cel's birthday (Happy birthday Mama Cel! I love you!) and then she texted us at 3 pm for us to go in their house.

     I take a bath, not so i guess :|:)). And then we went on their house ate some food. And we go on swimming. We swam although me and my sister  had female issues. haha..

    A lot of fun take over us..haha.. I SUPER LOVE THIS DAY! I LOVE YOU MAMA CEL! :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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