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I went to our review classes a while ago. A very tiring day and Im kinda worried. Because I was kinda not in myself a while ago and I cant understand what am I writing and I have so many corrections in my test paper but I rechecked it so its okay na. But I think some cant understand it and they had an idea in their mind that im blahbalah and they boo-hoo my name in bastah! Shocks! I dont want other people to think bad about me :((. Well, so much for that. :)) I want to forget that. Help me Lord..please :)

HAHA! So I want to share a conversation between me and Milrose. Uhmm, not in YM.. its orally! :)) So we talked about eHEM and eHEM :)) i dont know them but Milrose do. ahha! She told me that she always take a look to those two bcuz they are "maappeal daw". HAHA! Ewan ko ba sayo Milrose. Well, Im wrong pla to say that EHEM came from Mandaluyong :D, he came from Paco Catholic School pla..haha! I dont know most of my classmates eh.. Bastah! ahha. And EHEM, he is from CAM..CAM..CAM! Christian Academy of Manila?!?! OMG! So maybe he dont know _ _ _ naman eh. i guess::)). Ayun, so I really want to ask that guy about _ _ _, actually not him but all of them but Im kinda! haha. Okay too much for my life. WORRIED AND NERVOUS! haiz :(

Gladys/22 years old/Philippines

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