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LA LA LA LIES...Can you please save me from myself? Im going under, drowning in falling forever, i got to break through..IM GOING UNDER :

dear worried heart...

Im kinda okay now. Im not so worried unlike yesterday and it is because of a simple prayer. Oh not just a simple prayer, its a powerful prayer. I talked to God last night and I really ask for his mercy. I know that I'm wrong and I promised not to do that again. Everybody deserves a second chance and so do I. I had a good sleep and I believe that God let me sleep well. I know that sometimes Im so stubborn and hardheaded and I want to forget about Him. I always ask him why is my life like this but then I will not deny that I only remember him when I am in need. So I really really want to say sorry to him. And I really ask for your forgiveness God. Please bless me and help me. Tomorrow will be the day and Im really afraid. Help me to erased this fear. Your my everything God. "Cinderella had her godmother and Im lucky that I have YOU so maybe I dont need a glass shoe to make my dreams come true.."

dear vain heart...

Rawr! isnt that sweet.." your my 8th color in the rainbow?" :) uhmm..whatever.. I know that Im kinda bored and pissed now. It is May 1 already and I keep editing this blog post :)). I cant move on to my other post cause this post irritates me and it makes me feel random blahblah :)))). Dont you think how rad is that??? My heart melts into the ground until I found something true and It is you. So this time is kinda called killing time. And Im so vain!vain!vain!. What a crappy feeling. This is like a song for me to hum for you. Its like Im loving a cactus. It is alive but it will not give you any kind of reaction. The tighter you hug it the greater the pain you feel. Its the pain I keep inside haha. Im trying to find the right place cause I dont know where to place myself. I sometimes wish that I could stop this dumb heart from beating so I can never feel that Im vain. Maybe for you Im useless but for me you are my everything that I am now.Ugghh.. Im not vain anymore Im starting to be like an emo.

dear idle heart...

The unknown kind of waiting for two years is just to hard but I still love you like nothing is wrong. So this post really tackles about bittersweet of a puppie love. boo-hoo :)) Sometimes Im finding ways to ignore this feeling. But as I ignore this feeling the more I get hurt. Then I realize that forgetting you is like forgetting how to breath. i know this is somehow corny but I know each one of us will come to a point that we will look like a stupid idiots trying be normal. Well, I know that I cannot have everything but it hurts cause its reality. I dont know why I keep myself waiting for something that I cant have? Maybe, I can have. I know there' s a little in my life that I can complain about. And that very little really makes me feel ill.So Im back in the Kablam days :. Now this whole world has no clue what to do with us. If this small world would let me see you again and fufilled what I need, thank you. If not, okay Im idiot. But I still believe that there is still hope buried beneath it all.

dear half heart...

REALITY CHECK! Do you even know you met me?uugghhh... I close my eyes and make a wish hoping you remember something about me. There's a feeling in my heart that I cant really escape so can you please dont let me fall if you are not there to cath me. So i followed my heart with a little confusion in my head. With you I have learned what life should be. I want to learn how to break free and I think with you i can finally break free :) I have no premonition of everything because my heart didnt want me to rest. How I wish that you'll be mine and be my love forever. :)

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