Youre my shooting star
Wednesday, May 21, 2008 • 9:34 PM • 0 comments

Dead hearts beat as one
Come break me down, bury me..bury me..
For better or worse
Its real love honey :)
Love cant take this nagging anymore.

You Make me wanna

This is the time... This is the time of my life... Hiyah! People! Our beloved David Cook won! Garthering almost 12 million votes he beat up David Archuleta. Rejoice! HAHA! Although I didnt vote cause it is not open for Asians. He deserves it. Season 7 is now over. They will be back in January again ::)). I got nervous a while ago, HAHA! I watch yesterday their showdown and David Cook's performance was a whacked. HAHA! I did watched until the second round and then I watch another show again. BOO-HOO! But I did watch the results this morning. It brought me chills all over my body. David Archuleta? HAHA! That's okay, he is still lucky cause he make it until the bottom line.

Im here today just like yesterday..

HAHA! I cant wait for vacation! Im soo excited na to finish this effin summer class. i didnt get bored naman. HAHA! So Im blank :. I dont know what to do with my life right now. Next month will be June and I dont have any final decision what I would like to take in college. Im part of the million million people that belong to a UNDECIDED CLAN! HAHA! My mom want me to take accountancy or pharmacy. MAN! She really want to kill me! If I cant decide I will be force to take effin course that I really hate until I die. It scares me a lot. I really want to be an ARCHITECT! That's what I want to be. Ever since I enter the very first year of my high school, Im decided that I want to be an architect but now I discover that I dont know how to draw and Im only good in copying other people's work. So it only means that I am consider as a frustrated architect. HAHA! Well, whatever will be my course I'll just love it like nothing is wrong. Collge life is the last stage and Im sure its the hardest part. I guess::))

Is it the time to say goodbye? :(

I just realize a while ago that if the summer class will be over, I will never see Milrose and my other friends again. Damn! The beginning has reached its end. But I will never leave the memories behind. Eron Drama 101! Eh, what do you want me to do? HAHA! All I know is that memories will always stay with me. I will miss evrything. i hope me and Milrose will be in the same university in our college life. HAHA! I mean its a little pie for all. I wont miss my haters. HAHA!

Goodbye Freak!

I know you are thinking that Im bad for having this thing as my title. Well, I dont care at all. All I know that this effin summer class brought me all the best things I should have to complete my summer. For my two haters, HAHA! Did you won? Boo-hoo! You can never shake me, you can never escape me. And what did I learn last week? You are haunting my friendster, HAHA! a big HAHA for both of you. I will not accept you. NEVER. Why should I? I wouldnt want my friendster to filled with your freakin messages and comments. Especially if you will slap on my face your insecurities. So? Naah. Im not afraid at all. HAHA! I also know how to slap others face twice harder. HAHA! Ewan :))

People like Slinkies :))

So after the test on WC, Milrose stay with me and kaboom! she talk about Joseph. I dont know who he is. HAHA! So this one is for Joseph. Im sorry cause I am not going to give my fs account. I dont add people that I dont know especailly the ones that seems to ba a stranger or stalker. My gawd! HAHA! Dont get me wrong but Im not mean, Its just I dont want. okay? HAHA!

A Copycat Invasion!

A while ago, I am browsing my comments in fs until I found something familiar. WTF! It is my music X-(. Im totally pissed. Im willing to help you if you wanna learn. But if you will only peeked to my profile just to see the new updates (music,pictures,contents,etc) and put it on your profile, then your a crap! COPYCAT! My gawd. Im convincing myself that maybe it is a coincidence but duh! After one day only. At first I dont care at all but your effin copycat. And you have the nerves to post other people's profile to promote that they are copycat even you also did that effin crime. For your information dear, YOU PISSED ME OFF! Expect that I will not talk to you anymore but if you say sorry to me, well the crime is cleared.

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