Flying Like a Paperplane!
Sunday, May 15, 2005 • 9:38 PM • 0 comments

Before graduation pa lang, we talked about vacation! Yay! HAHA! So I almost spent four or five days in Ilocos Norte and it is soooo relaxing. Of course, Im starting to miss my grandparents now. I'll be in high school pa lang but they are asking me na what course am I going to take :)) I will be a soldier! HAHA! Desperate. But my father told me that I will be. Ughh, I dont have any idea/s in my mind now. :

And Im thinking of something now. Am I a lesbian? :)) Boo hoo! Just drop it. I am really boyish in my whole elementary days but there is a one great difference between me and a lesbian>>> I dont have any girl crushes : So Im not :P. HAHAHAHAHA!

So I think next month I'll be experiencing Pangasinan. Probably by the end of the next month for my Grandfather's death anniversarry. I think its almost 3 years already. Awww, I think summertime will be over in very very soon. :( Im afraid if this hs life will bring too much chaos in my life. Grabe naman :)) Eh kasi, I only knew few people and as expected they are classmates since grade one ata or not. But its completely not good. They are not my close ones naman. Only Antonette lng. :(

I hope I will have more friends not the random one unlike HER who leave me because of her new best friend. But well, its finish naman na. so why bother to care? ;)

Gladys/22 years old/Philippines

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