Oh my God!
Friday, May 9, 2008 • 9:26 PM • 0 comments

"I dont mind if he catches me staring,because then I know he was staring back." HAHA! As if I can do that. Ive been watching your world from a far and Ive been secretly falling apart. You are so perfect with me but you just cant see cause you turn every head but you cant see me. I stared at you and my heart was pounding in my chest, and I saw no recognition. It was only a blank stare :. I dont know what love is, Ive never been in it. But Ive thought I have been, but I guess that's it. I hope I can tell you with this two feet ground but as usual I cant talk again. YAY! Young hearts are free to beat tonight. :))

Love and Learning...

Life is so random and so I am. So I am patching every little details so I can complete a mixtape love of my life. So Im surfing the net a while ago and I found out the thread about "teenage love" Yay! HAHA! And Im so carried away about Coleen's teenage love story. People think that she's insane and she dont know anything about real love. Well, all I can say is that other people are so dumb and numb. I think, they have a very short memories, and can no longer recall the realities of their first love experiences. Perhaps at no other time in our lives are the joys and pains felt as strongly, or experienced more deeply in our first love experiences.So how can you fool yourself by saying you never fall in love after all? Uhhmm, when you love someone so deep inside, it seems like it so easy to hide than to ta-da-da reveal your self! HAHA! And you would always keep in mind that he could do no wrong. But if you are together and you have him on your heart, conflicts are starting to roam around. BLAHBLAH :)) Im just inspired so forget about this. :)) LOVE IS A TEETER-TOTTER. =))

Love Maze

Fear of rejection may lead to famous last words.. " Maybe one day.." Love and fear will be always remain as enemies.
HAHA! So as usual, I went again to WC and we have a lesson about sin cos tan, or simply as trigonometry. HAHA! What's the connection between lenses and Trigo?!?! Yay! Remember the new seatmate that I was talking about? Well, he is not there already. I think he only had his make up classes.AND I DONT MISS HIM.WTF? HAHA! But we still have a new classmates. I dont know what are their names. Actually, one of them greet me and call my name. But I forgot to ask her name. HAHA! Im not that so good in open ups, blahblah :)) And I got 25 in Trigo. HAHA! Now I know that mathematical courses are related to LENSES, i guess ::)) So what about the title? Uhmm, nothing. It just pop up in my min and then I type it here.And because I dont how to end it I'll just stop here and jump to the next topic. :))

Loving thy self

Hide your face, hide your face let the whole world guess who is behind this pretty face. I have met different people and I have known different personalities and mostly of them are really hiding their true self. This is just a proof how we all tend to hide our true selves from the outside world in order to be accepted. We are never sure what we want to share and what we want to hide. But as we accept it we became more comfortable with ourselves and to other people. We constantly run from our weaknesses hoping it will go away. But I have faced mine now and I realized that Im anything that is perfect in this world of savages.HAHA! I just want to tackle about this one cause for me its just a nonsense theme for me.HAHA! Its just I hate ___________ and ___________. To think that they are plastic really dont come in my mind but now I really think they are and I do hate them. Their whispers, they laughters and every little bit about them really makes me feel sick.

Love, Love, Love... what a stupid game we use to play...

Gladys/22 years old/Philippines

Im beyond your peripheral vision and aiming for art school.Im a provinciana girl at heart. I do think too much and contradicts myself most of the time.The internet doesn't speak for itself. There's more than meets the eye.