But It so hard to say Goodbye :(
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I finished what I need to finish this summer. A big hooray for me. HAHA! But then I realized that time for learning, fun and bonding with my other friends is now over. No more super funny ideas, lazy sessions and laughing out loud moments. I'll surely miss everything. We really enjoy each others company although we came from different places and we dont know each other at all. So let me share a little part of me by sharing my own story as a new found friend and a summer class student.

I cant remember the day, the month and the date, all I know is that I need to have an effin summer which I really dont like at all. For me, summer is time for vacation after a long time of pressure and high school drama. My heart and mind is craving for the word - VACATION! Please give me a summer to remember. So I keep on my mind that in mid March ,I'll be having what I really want and I will surely enjoy the sun. But after a short period of time this excitement turns into a curse. Im so happy mentioning about vacation and then my mom suddenly freak out the word "SUMMER CLASS!". I was like blank. WTF? Its summer time mom, why dont you give us a break. I do not even know, but the word really scares me a lot. I still wait and wait and im still hoping that my mom would change her mind to help me escape this mid life crisis of mine. But I was wrong. I feel so empty, so lost and Im really really blank :. And the story will start in this one. DAMN!

First day of summer class is here with me, we need to have a diagnostic test- a very weird diagnostic test because its effin hard. Gawd! At first Im okay cause my mom accompanied us and my sister is with me. But I feel very out of place because Mascians filled the whole room and I dont know anyone there. I did storytell my mom my experiences hoping that she would change her mind and she would let me enjoy my summer vacation and she would let me quit the summer class. But what she said is that, "Okay lang yan.". What?! What do you mean okay? Reality check mom, Im not okay, Im really not okay. I just continued everything. The next day we are given our own room assignments. Im in the room of Faraday and my sister's section is Galileo. DAMN! Please let me stay with her. I cant go on a summer class with people I dont know personally and Im not really good in open ups. I was kinda like commiting suicide at that moment and I really want to jump in the building just to escape that bitter reality. Okay, I need to face it eventhough I dont like it. I sat on the third row in the middle without any seatmate. And as expected, our class is very quiet because we dont know each other though. I noticed the first two girls in my left side. they are really enjoying each others company and they really laughing so hard. I got senti again cause I remembered my friends when we used to laugh so hard. But look at me now Im all alone. After a while, my heart became happy cause someone sat on my side eventhough she didnt talk to me a lot, i feel so secure and whatsoever. Everyone had their own groups but Im not afraid to anyone of them. Then we took the test in Language Proficiency about verbs, words, sentences, blahblah :)). But I got butterfly in my urinary system and I really need to go to the comfort room. But I cant cause Im so afraid of everything like maybe the teacher will scold me in front of the class, she will tear my test paper, let me stand outside the classroom and other horrible things in my mind. But I stood up and I asked one girl in front if she could accompany me in the comfort room. She agree.

ME: May kasama po ba kayo?
HER: Wala.
ME: Pwede po magpasama sa cr?
HER: Huh?
ME: Pwede mo ba akong magpsama sa cr? ksi natatakot po ako eh
HER: okay.

I was like hey! you have a new found friend. Yipee! you made it. The we walked on the stairs. And we shared personal stories like name, school blahblah :)). She was my first friend in summer class. Ehem! Milrose Cruz :)). And then I as with her until the end of our class. I was kinda shy. HAHA! But then I found this girl really really nice. You know what it made me realize that she is a great friend. We both like many things like candy magazine, mathematics and most of all sharing stories about life and love. We also both like internet surfing. She is like my other half. She is like my sister but she is better than my childish sister which I really love.HAHA! This friendship continues until this time and I really enjoy her company. HAHA! We really share about other stories. One thing that really catches us is about boys. HAHA! Its about Ehem and Ehem. Okay I admit, they are hot but not more than that. We also talk about Inday, HAHA!. She is one of my hater and she told me that Im a copycat,cheater and whatsoever. Well, we dont care. As if she can attain what I can. I opened up this thing to Milrose and she made feel good. She said that they are only insecure and "parang ewan pumorma" HAHA! I hate to be rude but she is baduy. HAHA! Milrose and I always went to CR early in the morning or every break time. We also love picture taking, we are like camwhore!. :)). I also made friends with my other classmates which i truly love most like Alex,Alandia,Jaimie,Shannen, Alpha, and many more. Actually I really dont know all your names. HAHA! Btw, I forgot, Eula and Pauline pa pla and Ate Angelyn too :). Others are not mentioned but no hard feelings guys, i still love you all.Okay? HAHA!.And because there is always a vacant seat in my right side all the students who are going to take up a make up clasess always seat beside me. Some are good but actually some are really really random. :)) And because of that fact my soul sister always tease me about that matter. Especially to Kevin Buenafe. WTF? I dont miss him soul sister. HAHA!

Time passed so quickly and I really had so much fun with my new friends. I was like oh! its been a month already. And a while ago we had our closing ceremony na. Bye bye friends. I'll miss you...I do have regrets for being so shy that I couldnt open up myself to others. Dont worry I have all your numbers. HAHA! I saw it our batch directory and I will haunt all your fs. HAHA! You really gave me a summer to remember. I know we will see each other again soon. I really had a great time with you guys and may God bless us all. First impression really dont lasts. I love you all, I hope you love me too. HAHA! I will always have all the memories we shared we each toher although we came from different places and we have a different personalities. So again, may God bless us all and let us enjoy the remaining summer vacation we have.

*I'll just post our class pic soon. Maybe on june. HAHA! Okay? :))

***So just check out these pics. These are the things we shared through the whole closing. HAHA! Eto ang mga nakaw na pics. At dahil tinatamad ako mag-upload, salamat sa soul sister ko na npakasipag mag-upload kya panakaw na lng ako mare. :))***




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