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Here and now is where I want to be. You'll always be a part of me. Im part of you indefinitely. Time cant erase this feeling so strong. No way you're ever gonna shake me. Believe me its only a matter of time.

This time is a whacked! That's what you get when you let your heart win. Yay! So as I was saying, there are so many great things that is served to me but I didnt grabbed them all, actually I cant remember most of them. HAHA! I am suffering from my latest addiction again.

1) Chris Brown and Justin Timberlake.

OMG! They are hot. HAHA! I mean, I really like how they deliver their own music genre. It is not a typical genre as you think. They are both good in dancing. HAHA! I really adore people that is good in things that I sucked in. HAHA! And they are also good in singing. They really make my eyes roll until it pop in its socket. Kaboom!

2) Always be my baby by David Cook

So have you heard Mariah Carey's version? Well, for me David Cook's version is better than her version. HAHA! American Idol really makes me feel ill. HAHA! On May 22, the season finale will be telecast. i vote for David Cook. Well, I also like David A. but he looks like a kid and I remember what Simon Cowell told him when he sang With You by Chris Brown. HAHA! Its like" you like like a cat singing like a tiger.." Something like that. Wanna hear David Cook's always be my baby? Click me! Click me!

3)Candy Magazine

Again? HAHA! Well, you cant blame me, it is almost a year. I love the stories others are hilarious. But you know what, the other candy magazines in the year 2005 and 2006 are much better cause there are so many open ups there. HAHA! But I still the love issue now. You can also get something from their site. Click me! Click me!

4)Alyanna :)

Well, she is not my addiction. Im not lesbi! HAHA! She is a new found friend. She told me that Im so kind. HAHA! Well, she judge me that way cause Im answering all her messages on friendster. I keep on questioning my self if there is someone who is not answering a simple message on friendster. Well, I am not raised to be rude naman, so I always answer everyone's question on me.

I cant remember most of the things eh. All I know is that they are too many for me to remember.

Gladys/22 years old/Philippines

Im beyond your peripheral vision and aiming for art school.Im a provinciana girl at heart. I do think too much and contradicts myself most of the time.The internet doesn't speak for itself. There's more than meets the eye.