Who is Who?
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True or False
Who is Who?
Hide your face so the world wont see you :)

Hold on to me, you know I cant stay long. All I wanted to say is I LOVE YOU and Im not afraid. Can you hear me?Can you feel me in your arms? Holding my last breath, safe inside myself are all my thoughts of you,sweet raptured light it ends here tonight. I'll miss the raindrops. A world of fragile things, look for me in the white forest, Im hiding in a hollow tree.Closing your eyes to disappear ,I pray my dreams will leave you here but still your awake and know the truth. No one's there,say goodnight,don't be afraid,calling me, calling me as you fade to black.

Im so LUCKY! NOT :))

HAHA! I feel so lucky! so lucky! blahblah...NOT! This day is quite an effin day! God, times like this makes me hate Philippines :)) Ugghh, Im so excited to go to WC this morning cause I love my outfit. HAHA! Its a girl thing. Then we walk until we reach EDSA Station. I was in heels then. Me and my sissy rushed to catch up the first trip then KABOOM! We made it! Yippee! In the middle of the trip I noticed that the train is too sloooww. Then bang! We were in Libertad station and we are still waiting for the other passengers and then suddenly "We are experiencing a technical problem. Please bear with us." "What? What's happening?," I kepp on asking this question on my mind and I suddenly realized that we are STRANDED!. Good thing that the train's sliding doors are open. But we still wait for a minute or ten :)). We decided to go out but I heard something that really irritates me. HERE:

Me: Tara Zel, jeep na lang tayo.
Sissy: Tara, alam mo?
Me: Baka, magtanong na lang tayo.
Sissy: Sige.
While walking...
Guard: Oh yung nagmamadali diyan, mag jeep na lang kayo.
Me: psshh.. epal ni Manong Guard. Wala tlga slng balak paandarin.
Sissy: (Laugh.)

Run For Your Lives!

For us to be able to survive this kind of hassle, we took a jeep going to Vito Cruz. And the trip makes me feel super duper nervous. But the thing is the Manong Driver took a what you call "TRAFFIC FREE ROUTE." Thank you so much Manong. :). Here comes the crucial part of this effin day. WE RUN FOR OUR LIVES! Me and my sissy is experiencing a mid-life crisis. HAHA! We dont want to be late and we are so ashamed if this thing happens. So we run! run! run as fast as we could. We stop for a while cause I need to change my heeled shoes into a flip flops. I even pulled my siter to highest power. HAHA! Then I spot my other classmate, MY OTHER LATE CLASSMATE! :)) We went upstairs na. I feel so tired talaga. But we made it. Cause I am not late. haha :))

Laughtrip .. Hows your heart lately? :X

We have a new teacher in Mathematics now. Ate Blez is her name and I love our class a while ago cause it is not boring and I.A is so easy for me. I really had a lot of fun. Actually, our teacher is machika. HAHA! But all the laughters are so worth it. Then change topic. HAHA! I dont have nothing to say about the first topic eh. Me and Milrose talk about LOVE.. as usual question and answer portion na naman. HAHA! I will just post the links of the pics of screenshots cause im too lazy to type na eh. These pics came from my message archive eh.. HAHA!

-Whispered voices on my Ear-

-Death before my Eyes-

-Long Lost Words-

-Numb, deaf and blind.-

-Thoughtless Scheming-

-Pushing all the mercy down-

Gladys/22 years old/Philippines

Im beyond your peripheral vision and aiming for art school.Im a provinciana girl at heart. I do think too much and contradicts myself most of the time.The internet doesn't speak for itself. There's more than meets the eye.