Summer Kisses!
Tuesday, June 10, 2008 • 9:51 PM • 0 comments

Here we are again...
Summertime is over and school time is here : Im gonna miss summer! But Im not missing you (you know who you are.HAHA! ). I already discovered summer blahs now. I really dont enjoy my first day at all because:

1) I didnt brought my card and my mom call me irresponsible. WTF? I didnt know at all that we are supposed to bring our cards with us. And beside the fact that I am not present in our register's day no one told me that I should bring my damn card. And again Im stupid and I hate people when they degrade me eventhough I dont care at all.

2) I didnt enjoy my friends' company now. Ugghh, Idk if the feelings change for a short span of time or the problem is within me. Sorry for this guys, I still love you anyway and I still care for you guys but Idk what's happening. I hope this friendship will not end again cause Im so tired of being a random friend. I love how we laugh a while ago guys :)) but Im not happy at all.

3) Im starting to miss Milrose and the Faraday people again. Ive been in their company for more than 15 days and I miss our everyday routine and ofcourse I miss Wesleyan College. I almost spent my summer vacation in WC. And I can still remember the days when Milrose and I go to cr and sharing each other stories. And when we are walking together to be able to reach the LRT and the Pacific Regency. I wanna bring back those days.

But to be honest at all, I didnt miss my classmates a lot and I know they also didnt. Cause I know we have our own lives after school. I'll be meeting our teachers' for each subject tomorrow. Yay! Im kinda nervous cause Im afraid that I cant meet their expectations but then Im so happy cause I will never meet Mr. Quizon (our math teacher to be) cause he always brought me chills eventhough I havent met him pa. HAHAHA!

Random Things!

~The best of the last~

Faraday People! We have our class picture na! And as promise I will also post it on my blog. Okay? HAHA! I told you its june. HAHA! Kya lng few pictures only eh.

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Our speaker: Ms. Nanette Inventor (sp?)

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What about a round of applause? HAHA!

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We are in a wake. HAHA! Look at the boys they are so stiff. HAHA!

~Why cant you love me the way I love you?~

The title is not for me, okay? Its just saw the pic of _______ and _______ (you dont know who they are so dont ask). Im just wondering if Ehem and _____ had their relationship then. Cause if they have, Im thinking of that maybe ____ throw it all away now or I am simply wrong. But I really felt hurt for Ehem. I really cant get the puzzle now :.

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I edited the pic for the owner's privacy. :)

~Getting in touch again~

Yay! I told you guys that I miss my soul sister again. HAHA! We had our chitchats a while ago and we are updated again. She dont even know that they have their internet connection now. HAHA! And I didnt text her for a week or less cause Im too lame for that thing. HAHA! So I think she missed me so much. HAHA!

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You cant see the messages? GOOD! HAHA!. Well, this is only a proof :)

~I am thinking of something?!~

I added another ym of ehem and I think he is not that one cause he is kinda snobbish. Oh Idk, Im blank.

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Please go online 91607. Im gonna ask something. :`(

~ Boo-hoo! BALELENG?!~

WTF is this song? Uggghh, I am not humiliating anyone here. Its just I heard it in tv and then Milrose and I talked about this one. That song is portraying a real filipino story. So shallow and very dramatic :)). Sorry for that but Im entitled for my own opinion here.

Mutya ka Baleling sa katahum
Timgas pa sa puti nga baybayon
Sa kasingkasing ka panganduyon
Perlas ka nga angay gyud angkonon

Tila na Baleling layo-layo
Si Tangkay Baleling pasibuto
Bangkaw-banal Baleling matayo
Utol kaw Baleling pamalayo


Mutya ka Baleling sa katahum
Timgas sa puti nga baybayon
Sa kasingkasing ka panganduyon
Perlas ka nga angay gyud angkonon

Kon ikaw Baleling ang mawala
Kon ikaw Baleling di ko makita
Gugma ko Baleling magahulat
Taliwala ning lawod sa mga luha...

Gladys/22 years old/Philippines

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