I ♥ HS Friends!
Thursday, June 23, 2005 • 1:15 AM • 0 comments

I love you so much Mommy Eug :)) I love Mary Grace Eugenio for bein my close friend now. She and Kriszia is both a whacked! HAHA! Love them both. Eugenio sat beside Claudia and I havent notice her for a week or two until I dont know how did we became close friends. But she is sooooo nice and very funny. She always sit beside me when Gianne is absent. Gianne is always absent now. I dont know if she is sick or what. But bad news cause people call her absener because even when she came to school she's late naman. She's not telling any problem naman. But Eug and I always pray that she will be absent everyday :)) Sorry!

Eug and Kriszia are so cool. HAHA! They are really funny. Kriszia is very cute when she sings and I discovered something about her........... she is really good in dancing. I really love people who are good in things that I sucked with. And regards with the boys, I have a close friend now... Anthony. HAHA! But Im still curious if he is a gay:/. But then we always went home together every Friday or when I dont have a service. Some are teasing us but then ewan ko sa inyo, he is gay in my eyes.. remember?

Clai is becoming so sensitive as time goes by. I dont know, but she cry easily and she cant control her emotions. She told us dati na her dad hit her because of misunderstanding, something like that. I cant remember the whole story cause Im busy with my Stat. I really dont know what to do with her. Buti na lng some of her friends is helping her. That's a good thing. Really a good one :)

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