If this one is VODKA...
Wednesday, June 18, 2008 • 9:53 PM • 0 comments

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If this one is a vodka, we are sure to be drown! HAHA!

Woah, Its been a week since I posted my last post. I guess::)) So I woke up at around 5:10 am cause I need to go to UP to pass my application.But I woke up at around 5 so I only have 50 minutes to prepare myself. HAHA! Then I went to school at around 6 in the morning cause we will be going by batch. It is really a long wait. We went out the school around 9 am. Uggghhh, stupid West, so slow :)) We wait for the dry seal and for the stupid school principal's autograph. It really pissed me off. My gawd! We rode a jeepney for us to be able to reach the MRT Station. I think we are in three batches. Then we bought tickets but my other classmates are sooo slow and they are kinda moon walking. Psshhh, we went first at the station cause they are so effin bagal. Then we met Regine's cousin in the station. The trip is so effin long. I feel so dizzy then. Then we saw Poveda we felt insecurities within ourselves cause Poveda is somehow between SM Megamall and Robinson.That is so unfair! Well, that's okay cause we are near SM Mall of Asia and Metropint Mall :)).

When we reached Quezon Avenue, we took a jeep going to UP Campus. HAHA! The bridge..the bridge.. is falling down. :))

HER: hala! dito?
ME: oo
HER: baka malaglag ako
ME: edi sumampa ka ulit
HER: bka may ahas diyan?
ME: anu ka ba mary jane! hnd ka naman gagapangin ng ahas dyan. HAHA!

I was like, hello jane! HAHA! We really fit ourselves into a the jeep. All the big and tall people sat on the alloted slots.The small ones are sitting on the big ones and others sat on the floor of the jeep and cling like on the jeepney monkeys. HAHA! So happy and so hot. Ate Jaja told us that the place was comfortable to stay with but when we arrived, the line was too long. So I got it! The place is comfortable when you get inside the Admin. HAHA! I went on the line but I saw my mom...Hey Mom! Then she got my application form and passed it for me. Lucky me nigger! HAHA! I also saw Loreign.HAHA! Filipino time tlaga.I went around the campus then I saw Aldin and then I came with them to pay for the fee. Woah! The line in the Landbank was so long. Then all the machines went offline. BOO-HOO! They cant pay for the fee so we went back. I saw mom then we went to Tita Dory. I said goodbye to my friends. When I saw my test permit me and my mother decided to roamed around to check the building where me and my sister will take the exam. Uggghhh, my feet hurts. The building are so far from each other so we just take a jeepney. Then Kablam! We saw the buildings. Then we went back again. I got irritated then. :))

I will be in Malcolm Hall (Law center..blahblah) at 12:30 pm on August 3 (Sunday). So it is sooo hot :)). When we are ready to went out the university, rain poured. DAMN! We went to canteen na lng to eat. But then the food didnt satisfy me at all. When the rain stopped, we went home. But before we went home, we went to KFC then we ate. Im soo full. Then that's it. FIN!

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