Pimp it out!
Saturday, June 21, 2008 • 9:54 PM • 0 comments

Its weekend now and Im kinda pissed. HAHA! Idk why is that people are becoming insensitive this day. I cant believe that this week is the 2nd week of classes cause it seems like hell. I almost cram everyday because of the bulk of assignments that was given by our monster teachers. Jesus! I felt so tired yesterday. Until now but I have all the mess that I should clean now. Its already 7:55 pm and I havent start yet. I feel so lazy. It rain so hard, oh come on! Typhoons will gonna raid Philippines and we will have our class suspended if ever. HAHA!

I am planning to go to MOA this morning but my plans changed because Arby sent me a message about our friendster thinggy. HAHA! I had my adrenalin rush and I went back to pimping codes. HAHA! (excited?) =)). So I just went to Metropoint and found nothing. Duh! I still dont have my El Filibusterismo and my expandable folder. Gawd! Aja, can you buy me some? Aja, tira tira! *move your hands* HAHA! I love it, no further explanation, aryt?

Yeah, that one was true. Idk but for me it is true. Sometimes I dont wanna believe in destiny cause I always have my second thoughts that I cant fight fate no matter how hard I try.

Im currently pissed now. Wanna know why? Wanna know why? Wanna know why? Check this damn conversation between me and this stranger, a damn retard stranger. So I made her ym id visible so thet everyone can be aware of this effin being. HAHA! So that's her ym id, feel free to bash her off :)).


People will always be people. Sometimes a slinky :))

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