Why did the bad times roll?
Sunday, June 29, 2008 • 9:58 PM • 0 comments

The scenes are all wrong timing. Its almost one month of my senior year in high school and things are really nagging me off. Pssshhhh, let me get this thing clear. As I always say, people are always people and you cant blame them for being lame. But ugghhh, she should'nt act that way. You know, we know and all of us know that its your fault and we, I mean, I am really blaming you. You done it again and all I can say is wow. Wanna have your own standing ovation? HAHAHA :)). Okay, fine. I know this is wrong. I know it is wrong to hate you in that way. But you really made things complicated between three or should I say all the people around you. You should know how to keep your mouth shut especially when it comes to other people's life and relationship. Why I am affected? Its because your taking all the people in to daze. YEAH, I AM SO PISSED OFF. Call me plastic na cause Im treating you in a good way eventhough I really hate you. The thing is I dont wanna be hard and rude to others. I know that our classmates dont like you na and I dont wanna get in the load. I hate your acts but not you. So if ever you need someone, I am still here. But please know your limitations as a friend. Dont pushed yourself as a victim cause you'll never be. And you know why. Ugghh, I dont wanna get in a drama again. Too much for a melancholic drama queen. You are more than me. I know that if ever you'll read this something will caught your heart out. But for me, it is your time to realize what's wrong. Please dont use your family as an excuse. You dont have nothing to do about it. A broken family will never be complete again without a good collaboration of your mom and dad. You always say that, "Im like this cause were broken family.. Im like this because my mom.. my dad" and whatsoever. I know I should'nt talk about this I dont know what do you feel cause in the first place we are not broken family but you should have to be considerate to others. So you mean that your attitude will always be like that except when your mom and your dad will be together again? Please, dear dont be so hard to yourself. You know what you make the bad times roll on our section now. And I am so sorry for you. Please change that bad attitude. I know that Im not perfect but I know that Im changing for the better. :) I am keepig this words and feeling so strong. Good thing, I had someone to talk to.. MY BLOG! =)))))))))

Gladys/22 years old/Philippines

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