Bothered :|
Saturday, July 19, 2008 • 10:02 PM • 0 comments

I dont know why I am not bothered at all. Today is Saturday and tomorrow is Sunday and the next day will be Monday. I have so many assignments now. I felt that Im grounded. I cant even get out of our house. Naku! I dont know ah. Mrs. Atienza still pissed me off. Im out to get you bitch. Your so lucky that Im not on ur doorstep to kick you up. To be continue.. Need to go :D:D:D

July 23, 2008 :))

Ive been so very busy kya I only got a chance today to edit this one. :)) So what can I say? There are so many things that really bothered me a lot.

1) Social Studies Notebook
- I dont even have a good sleep this week. I started at 4 in the afternoon and I finished it at 4:45 am. Daaammmnnn! Mrs. Atienza is really a monster. Naku! I felt so tired na nga to your subject eh. And reality check nga 0.3 units ka lng at hati hati pa kayo ng MAKABAYAN kya dont pissed me off.

2) Filipino
- Naku, Filipino is really pissing me off. Why cant I understand very malalim terms. And then my teacher will approach us in a VERY NICE WAY! leche. "Nakarating kayo ng 4th year ng di nyo alam ang kahulugan ng blahblah." Malay ko ba.

To be continue again :)) Need to sleep.

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