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Friday, July 22, 2005 • 1:49 AM • 0 comments

Its almost two months since I step out of VABES. And because it is almost the end of the month of July I'll update na :)). Sorry for that. I've been so busy with school. So I'll just narrate some thing I had pass through for almost a month.

Karel's Dad has just passed away. My sister is watching a news in ABS and then a flash report was given stating that a Philippine Marine naming __________ was shot by his co Marine because of some misunderstanding somewhere in Taguig blahblahblahblah. My sister told me about that so we call Karel and it was confirmed. At that moment I really wanna go to wherever she is and lift her up. But I cant do something about it so I just comfort her in the phone. Aww, my Carylee I know your dad is in good hands now. Karma to the bad guy.

Me and Eug are having a female issue about Clai. Yay! Gossip Girl :)) Hindi namin inaaway no. Its just she is becoming soo random na. Sometimes she's nice but sometimes she always lose her temper and blame us everything especially when we are having our reporting in Earth Science. I dont know what's her problem. She is nagging us off. I mean, what's your problem? You can talk to us in a good manner naman ah. Tskk...Tssk.. K, I understand. :)

Raymundo Lopera pissed me off . Kd, him and the other boys are playing in front of my seat when my phone rang. Its Ate Mel apologizing to me that we dont have service daw. Then I said okay but I really got disappointed. My bag is too heavy kaya then I went to my seat. In my surprise someone shout at me ksi daw inaapakan ko siya. I said sorry to him but then he keeps on shouting at me. So I shout at him too. Bwisit siya, sino ba nagsabi sa kanyang humiga siya sa sahig at magpagulonggulong at humarang sa daanan ng tao. Ughhh, my gawd! Pathetic People.

Intrams will be next week so we are having a busy time talaga. Some of my classmates cant wait for the Miss Intrams as if they were included there. HAHA! Im so irritated tlga with our performance. I dont know how to dance nga eh. :)) Well, Sharky (Czarinalyn) is one of my closest na :)). Were more like a twin although I have a twin na. kk. Getting late na. Bye!

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