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Maree Stephanie Daniella Angely Ortega-Cruz is alive now! :)) After a long time..pssshh..So we share loads of kwento. Actually some of her stories really makes me cry habang nakaharap sa PC. She told me about the recovering process after her mom's burial, even her dad suffered from this stress and I felt sorry for them. And now I really see that Stephie really loves Tita Sandra. But we did'nt talk about boo-hoo things, we also talk about new crushes. Haha! no not me :)) Its stephie's crush. I dont have a new crush cause Im forever fixated to one heart. But Im not committed ah basta. So her new crush is Marco :)). Sorry Steph cause spilled out your secret. There are so many Marco in the world sweetie. So he met Marco in a workshop and then Told each others story, talk about life, blahblah.

Stephie: :) chuckie!
Gladys: Stephie! ur alive pare!
Stephie: After a long time :))
Gladys: Are you okay now?
Stephie: uhmm..yeah..yeah.. yu?
Stephie: oh its you :))
Gladys: yeah, yeah,yeah, but haha :))
Stephie: but?
Gladys: ahha.. its about _ _ _ :
Gladys: No, its not him actually its about a friend of mine when I was in first year
Stephie: What's the connection?
Gladys: She has a crush on _ _ _ :
Stephie: And?
Gladys: I dint know that. Nalaman ko lng when I checked her profile :
Stephie: Your still affected? hindi pa rin ba nabubura sa isp mo na hnd lng naman sya ang karibal mo kung hnd madami pa.
Gladys: But the thing is close ko sya. And beside the fact that were friends, it hurts na kilala ko ung karaibal ko :))
Stephie: Stay cool. mwah!
Stephie: Cuz I'll go offline na.
Gladys: ah okay..
Stephie: Online ka next time ah.. i really miss yah my partner in crime! ILY!:))
Stephie: okay :) keep safe :)

Gladys/22 years old/Philippines

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