You First Believe
Sunday, August 17, 2008 • 10:02 PM • 0 comments

Hey! Its been a month na ba? HAHA! Im too busy in school eh but I still miss summer. I miss the splash of water (splash of baha na ngayon), summer hotness, review classes and most of all my soul sister, MILROSE CRUZ. Xhet mare! Gimik na tayo. HAHA! Nsa MOA si Lawrence sa september. Malapit na birthday mo. Awwww, I really miss you till death. Damn! Bakit ksi hnd ako pumunta. Well, when youre online buzz me nga so that we can talk to each other naman.It is sad how busy we can get sometimes and forget to keep in touch with each other. But I want you to know that nothing has changed. I still look great.

Gee, My blog is quite empty now. I already neglect everything because of this effin school classes. Im still on my adjustments. For what? Ofcourse for change. I feel that I really change a lot. Well, because this my only freetime,I have a lots of kwetos. Pagtiyagan niyong basahin hindi kopyahin :)) Loser! Fuckin Loser! :))


Well, this not chonologically arrange ah. I cant remember the dates eh, only the events so please bear with me. :)


The only permanent thing in this world is change. Okay, I'll talk in tagalog na ah. I'll only do this thing just to prove that Im not maarte and bitch as what in my tagboard portray. First of all kakatapos ko lng mag erase ng ilang comments sa tagboard ko. Gawd! Im so sick of these pathetic people who keep on judging me because of my entries in blog. Well, who cares? I mean whats not to hate about me? HAHA! Of course as what I always say People are always people. You cant really blame them for being so lame. If they think you're different from their own di ka na kasali. :)) Anu ako papadala sa peer pressure? NEVER! I know that my friends and relatives love me as I am and there is no enough reason or reasons for me to change. I'll change myself if I think Im becoming a bitchy type brat. Oh com'on I know a lot of negative people will react on this one again for using harsh words. But wala silang pinagkaiba sa kin. Im only expressing my feelings and Im not hurting anyone and they are going to reply " $%@%&! girl, you shouldnt act like that. Shame on you. " Whaaatttt? Shame on me? Why dont you say that to yourself. I really dont know what these people is up to but they are really getting my nerves. Sure thing I can control my feelings. :)) So, your luck. :P So what's the tagalog there? Marami na :)) Ah basta maraming nakikialam sa buhay ka na hindi dapat makialam. I shouldnt say that I dont deserve this but inside me I know I shouldnt.


My friend of mine was talking about his boyfriend and it seems like she is sooooo happy. Really, really happy. Awww, inggit ako. Joke! :)) As time goes by napapansin ko na dumadami ang mga karibal ko and it hurts me a lot. Some people add me up in fs, multiply and ym because they are also a part of the fansclub of _______. I dont want other people to be my friend just because of him. I mean, its kinda annoying, isnt it? They are posting pictures, blog entries and videos showing how they love my guy. Awww, it sucks. I mean yeah he's my guy but Im not his girl :)) In short, ambisyosa! =)) But duh, Im not creating rumors na mag on kami di katulad ng ibang pathetic diyan. Friends are really wonderful but special ones are few. Yeah my world is kinda upside down now. I dont know why this people became soooo showy about their feelings. Same here but only with my close ones because they know what I feel. It's fun being a strong person. You feel invincible, like you can face anything that comes your way. But you know what sucks being one? It is when people know that you are strong and they think that it is okay to hurt you. Well, Im not that too strong. Pretention always come on my crazy world. Yes Im insane gone crazy pare!He was mine but not really. I never really had him so I never really lost him. I guess this is how we will always be, I had him and he had me but the again there is no US. Love, Love, Love.... what a stupid game we choose to play.

Its sooo hard to wait for something na malabo.How was it to be unnoticed by the person you notice most? It's as if you were offering your most beautiful portrait to a blind person.It doesn't matter if I'll stay or go because I'll love you forever.


I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU! Keep it in your mind stupid niggah. Yeah, Im bad. Im really really bad. What else do you want? Happy? Damn, I thought this day will be great but I feel like I've been cheated by this effin bitch. I was like blank. Im clueless darling and you know that I hate it. Daaaammmmnnnn!

Im so happy cause our class is half day today. But uggghhh, I stayed in grounds for almost 10 hours a while ago. My mom and I made plans yesterday that we will be going to mall to buy something and Im so happy about it. Yeah, too shallow but I dont have enough time for my family this past few months because Im too busy in school. And this is the my only vacant time. But this mother fuckin pig really pissed me off by making me wait for almost 3 hours and putting all the papers in mess. Im sooooooooooo pissed now. Whatever! I dont fucking care if your reasons are good. Wtf? You're so selfish, self centered, and bad influence. Com'on I know you know what Im talkin about. I cant take you anymore. You're really getting in my nerves weirdo. You're so lucky that Im not on your doorsteps to kick you out. The way you talk.. The way you act, huh! Im fully convinced now that youre nothing in my good life. You dont deserve my best part even my worst. Go and get your own life bitch!

Well, I shouldnt go down on your level. Six feet below the ground! =))))))) All I can say is that, Go on about your life and stay out of mine. Im doin my business out of you so stay away from me. Its really pathetic how you pissed me off and Im so affected. But then, if your life is boring and this is what you can only do go to hell. You're sucha dippin retard who lost her mind because of lack of medication. Next time, show me respect as what I show to you or I'll show yah the door. Youre so arrogant!

*Sorry for the words. I know I shouldnt talk like this but I really need to. Im not a bad person, its just Im imperfect. :)


I heard it on One Tree hill. Can I keep up? Gawd! Im becoming vain again. May gamot ba dito? I dont know if they can see my worth. I feel that I have been cheated always but they dont fuckin care. If I start to talk and cry my sister will say, "para kang tanga." or "ang drama mo." I dont know how they can take it. I mean they are not on my place but how can they talk to me in that way. Lagi nila akong pinapatigil mag salita pero pag sila kahit 24 hours nakikinig ako anu ba naman ung pakinggan nila ung side ko minsan. And it really pissed me off. I always help her and shop for her materials and if ever na wala sa binibilhan ko hinahanapan ko siya. But me she cant even do a favor for me, she always get mad at me and she always blame me. But sometimes pag nahihirapan siya naiiyak ako lalo na pag nagpapatulong siya pero hnd ko naman alam gagawin ko. Parang Im really really hurt pag di ko siya matulungan pero minsan snasbi ko buti nga sa kanya :)).

Gladys/22 years old/Philippines

Im beyond your peripheral vision and aiming for art school.Im a provinciana girl at heart. I do think too much and contradicts myself most of the time.The internet doesn't speak for itself. There's more than meets the eye.