I lost you?
Saturday, August 23, 2008 • 4:47 AM • 0 comments

Did I already lost you? How could I sit and wait for nothing in this room? in this bed? in this very moment? Is this the sweetest sin I could ever do? Just as long as I'm feeling this way. I just lay here trying to deal with these pain. Four walls and no you. The silence in this room is too loud to bust my ears. No one else could fix this..

Its so hard to face everything. I dont know if I lost you or not. How I wish I am at your back... on your side... on your arm. Now Im goin down like Im on the ground grasping your hand. But I cand find it. Sittin here and wishin I could continue the past. Im goin crazy! But somehow, I kow even I cant find you.. you will find your way back to me.


Yeah, why? :)) I became vain na naman. I hate my effin sister right now. She called me a vain camwhore! How could you? She called me ugly cause I edit my pictures daw. Putek! Sino kaya yung laging nag eedit? Khit di ko iedit, fine. Im totally pissed off. Im too lazy to finish my assignments. I love Eugenio. :)) Ewan. Random! May practice bukas sa cheering. Im too lazy to go out.

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