Ilocos! Ilocos! Ilocos!
Tuesday, May 8, 2007 • 6:31 PM • 0 comments

I really enjoyed our 5 days vacation in Paoay, Ilocos Norte. Only a little change was cast on my eyes then :)) My cousins, my gawd! they've grown. HAHA! My grandparents are starting to talk about death now :(( Awww, I really wanna cry when I heared them saying that word. I know they are strong. I hope God will let them stay with us until we graduated, have our own family and be successful in our chosen careers :). I hope..I hope.. Yeah not wish cause it is not impossible. Nothing is impossible with God.

My cousins and I talked about LOVE?!?! =)) They are asking us if I have na. I was like ugghh and I want to tell them "Yeah, si ____ :))" But I know they will laugh at me. I'll laugh too..kakaloka! The television there has a lot of commercial with ________ on them. My younger cousin will always say "uuuuyyyy.." then I will blushed ;).

We went to Perya. HAHA! Its my first time to go to Perya. It is sooo fun. I sang on a videoke... bliinnng! 100! Gosh! HAHA! Yeah, that's true. So what else? I miss them sooo much. I hope next year ulit. :)

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