A letter.
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I saw an attachment a while ago in my email . I dont know who is this girl but I really adore how she wrote her letter for her parents. She made it daw so that her parents can realize something but I dont get it. :)) Maybe because Im not her parents . Yeah too lame! She told me to make one too. I was challenge. Anyway, they cant read it naman. I mean even if they can they wont. So I'll just make one na lang. =)))))))))

Dearest Mother and Father,

Hi! I mean hope you're doin fine. I dont know how will start my letter. I hope you'll understand. So it will be like this.

First of all, I want to say thank you. Thank you for everything you've done for me. Thank you for the things you have given to me. Thank you for the care, help, sacrifices and most of all love. I really appreciate them. As in all of them.

Sorry if sometimes I am becoming a sarcastic child. Sorry for the times I forgot that you are my parents. I shout on you and sometimes I dont follow you. Sorry if sometimes I lied. That's why Im always guilty.

I always ask myself kung bakit hindi niyo ko maintindihan. Im not bad as you think. Deep inside me I know I love you. I always got hurt whenever someone make fun of the things made by you. You know what I mean. Nasasaktan ako pag may kaklase akong nakikitikim ng food na niluto mo tapos sasabihin iba yung lasa or something. I always got hurt when other people say that, " Grabe naman Mama mo.. Grabe naman Papa mo.." , "Ang kj naman nila ayaw ka nilang payagan sa party.. eh bday lng naman un.." Something like that. Yeah its true but they shouldnt talk in that way. I really try to understand everything. Before I sleep I always ask myself bakit ganun yung treatment niyo sa kin. Yes, Im hurt.

I dont know bakit hindi niyo maintindihan na sensitive po ako. I easily got hurt sa mga sinasabi niyo kahit di niyo sinasadya. Bakit po ayaw niyo kong payagan sa mga gusto ko. I understand naman po na you dont like me to be bad. Why dont you want me to break free? I know that Im still young but please free me sometimes. I want to explore many things in life but you dont want me to achieve something for myself. I really want to run away from our home sometimes. Yes, you gave me everything that I need and I will need in life but Im not happy. Its because I dont need these material things. All I want is your attention for me to realize that Im still alive.

Im jealous to Glazelle because you always notice her. You gave her a lot of attention. Whenever she's complaining about different body aches you always care for her. But if Im the one who will complain , youre getting mad as if I dont have the right to be sick. You even accompany her in the jeepney station. But me, I should move fast so that I can come with you. You always gave her extra money whenever she go out but me I always skip meals just to save some money. If I cry you will call me maarte..madrama and feeling paawa. You dont even manage to ask me why I am crying. Whenever Glazelle is working on a project especially when it is a hard one, you are helping her. Umaabsent pa kyo sa work just to finish her project. But when I need your help, you will say to me that you dont know mine. You'll just left me in the sala working on it until morning. Even though I dont sleep you're not helping me. And every grading period you're asking why is my grade too low eventhough Im contented in what I got cause I worked for it. I really worked hard for it.

Why dont you let me have my chosen course? Bakit pinilit niyo ko mag Accountancy? Bakit pinayagan niyo si Glazelle sa gusto niya kahit sinasabi niyo na hindi yun para sa kanya. Bakit ako hindi pwede? I only agree kasi ayaw ko kayong i disappoint. Pero habang tumatagal lalong dumadami yung dahilan kung bakit Architecture ang dapat kung kuhanin. But I dont regret it. If this what makes you happy then okay. I'll make extra efforts na lng. I hope you will notice naman these things. Kahit po para sa inyo maliit lng to.


Gladys/22 years old/Philippines

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