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Mission 101: The Perfect Crime
*roaming different restaurants and fastfoods with ailene*
*having loads of stories with abbie and reg*



Went out at exactly 3:30 pm. It was so hooottt... :))..Im pickle minded if we will go to MOA or not.. cuz im soo lazy to go out..but well i did realize that the mall was airconditioned so i went out with ailene.. so after class we went na to MOA..the trip was effin kainiz! first i am so sleepy na cuz the air is too cold..:)) it did flew my skirt.. but then i got hungry so we went to chowking and we ate chao fan and halo-halo :P.. then we roamed around until 5:30 ata.. there were sooo many students there bcuz they had a field trip..FIELD TRIP AT THE MONTH OF MARCH?haha..sound so funny but true :)..then we roamed around MOA.. when we arrived at the skating ring..something familiar catched my eyes and then i keep on asking ailene..ahha.. you know what? we saw someone who looks like _ _ _..haha.. i didnt take my eyes off to him until i saw his face.. kaboom! its not him.. nice try for me..haha..

Then we visit Powerbooks.. there are soo many interesting books there.. but the one that really got my attention are the cds..haha.. i saw his cd.. his first single and the repackaged one.. :P.. ahah..then i shared loads of stories again to ailene.. ahha.. then i did search for the dvd/vcd copy of hairspray starring nikki blonsky and zac efron.. it was so cool! haha...


well i dont know if this story is long or will depend on my typings :)).. arrived at school at exactly 7:08 am.. i saw regine having her daily routine :)"sharing stories & tsismisan" ahha.. and then.. i went to honey.. we talk about the bb.pilipinas-world.. we really laugh hard cuz some are making fun of her language,., then... regine sat in front of me beside czacza.. then she keeps on telling me stories about *toot* ahha... wanna have the 1st place-CHAMPION slot? ahah.. how about the 37 points fully fIlled page..haha.. thats the routine of the "GC MODES" in our class.. their motto is that "think and think...invent and invent..until you drop" haha..

then we went back on our sits na.. abbie went to us and share a story about the boys' outing.. ahha,, its so damn funny! ahha.. how can they went in the pool without knowing how to swim? they even rent for a 20 or 30 pesos swimming trucks..haha.. i cant share most of the funny stories cuz they are censored..hahah..

after that we talk about the "ksp/s" in our section.. haha.. they are too many of them..ahha.. i didnt even realize that their population increases after 2 or 3 years..ahha.. some are so gc modes but they are the one who copied their answers on their seatmates, take advantage with the kind ones and even did cheat their selves by changing their scores..haha.. so our whole kwentuhan just circle around this matter.. :)

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