Wednesday, August 27, 2008 • 3:27 AM • 0 comments

This day is such a not so good day :)). I took the NCAE and it makes my world upside down. The test is kinda easy but the figures makes me dizzy. The mechanical and the non verbal gawd! it sucks. So I will be in college in just a few months. Okay, Im officially old. Im already 15 and will be turning 16 and I hate it. Accidents will never be accidents anymore. It seems like four years is such a two months vacation. Graduation and soon college. I hope college will be friendly to me.
Hey, please help me in my music. I dont know what music kind of music I will use in my blog. Im pickle minded. :))

Just leave your suggestion in my tagboard. HAHA! Btw, I have my ID na. After first grading period, it was already released yesterday. Suppppeeerrr Laaaattteee! Oh, my Carylee is not answering my testimonial in friendster and I forgot to ask her number. Yeah, after 3 years I finally found her. Im soo thankful.

Please pray for me. I'll be having my report again in Social Studies and Im nervous. Im soo lucky talaga. If it is an ordinary report, im not scared but our Principal will obrserve us tomorrow and to my luck, my report was the target. Help! Help! Help! God, please help me :)

Supppeeerr Lateee!


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