Crossing the Boundary
Saturday, August 30, 2008 • 6:05 AM • 0 comments

People around me pissed me till death. Yes, I know I am pissed again. Even a million yes I can. I have enough reasons as to why I hate everything now. Flashback again. You want? :))

Family. Yeah they are getting too random. They always put me in a near trouble. They are getting obvious. I know that they dont want me but kailangan pa nila ipagdiinan. WTF? I shouldnt be affected cause I knew from the start that they dont love me anyway. But it hurts. Yeah, damn it hurts. Favoritism kasi. But did I blame? Yes, I did. I really did. I blamed everyone. Lack of attention and love. Yes I am. Pshhh, yeah corny. So go and fuck a duck now. Nothing to say. All the words did come out.

Friends. Only few remain standing with me. Im not too hard to cope up with. All I need is a real friend. Not a parasite, plastic, liar or even a pretentious moron then I need to kick out my way. Ive been in so friendship situations. And I already know its game. Lets enumerate my friends? :))

*Not so sure friend. I thought she's good and I will be with her forever. I even made a funny nickname for her and we always laugh. Until we came to the boundary. I dont know how did it all happen. All I know is that I ask her why and who are you goin to choose. She choose her new bestfriend and it seems like she's not guilty. I ask her why did she gave up our friendship. She ended up saying, "Wala lng." :'(
*Parasite. I almost have everything. I have little in my life that I can complain about. But this parasite, always want to have something in my life too. I dont know, I think they want some blessings siguro. :)) But they are still with me. . They always ask for my foods, my drinks, papers, my phone.. as in everything. I am not madamot, okay? Its just as in araw araw. They are assholes! They are fatae! They dont have any shame on me.

Gladys/22 years old/Philippines

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