Cruisin Together
Thursday, August 28, 2008 • 5:38 AM • 0 comments

Im totally pissed now. As in totally. X-( I have many things in my mind now that irritates then slowly pissing me off. Lets go and take a flashback about these things that put me in a near trouble.

Intrams will be on September 10 and as expected everyone is busy. My schedule is fully book now. After my class, probably 7 am to 4:15 pm, we are required to attend our practice for the cheer dance showcase. I came home late for a week. Yesterday, we had a practice again but this practice surely sucks. Jinx totally puored! Our CAT Teacher required us our projects (he is late... super!). The head gear, notebook, tagalog version of Preamble and the General Information blahblahblah a lot of paper. A lot of waste. I had a lot of works to do and I need all of this things in a day. So I waited for the xerox. Then the our co performers from our sister section told us that we have a practice. Its okay while waiting but the thing is we will have the practice after their MHCC. WTF? The thing is good for 2 hours. We started late. Kakainis! I arrived home at 8:30 pm somewhat like that. I was scolded. I told them naman that morning na I'll be late. Kainis talaga. I accepted na lng. Okay, what can I do? I need to use the net but Glazelle is still using it pa. I wash the dishes muna then I wait.. wait..wait.. almost 2 hours. Nakatulog na nga ako. Then she's not finish pa. Ginising na nila ako to go in bed upstairs. So I dont have any assignment. I woke up at 1:30 am to arrange my things. Gawd!

I woke up complaining. Yes, I am. Then I was crying like ewan. My mom and dad told me na sana hindi muna ipasa ung assignment. Pwede ba yun? ASAP NGA DAW! Edi ngayon nga. The I told them that I was waiting for Glazelle to finish but she didnt. The got angry. They told me to stop those things. They are explaining para di ako magalit kay Glazelle. In short... kinakampihan nila! They told me na wla daw connection nong una kya naghintay pa blahblahblah. Pero pag ako kailangan pag dumating siya tapos na ko kundi busangot na mukha nila. Fine. I know I will not win. How can I? favorite nga. Then I am finishing my routine that morning but they got galit ksi bkit daw di ako sasabay blahblahblahblahblah ewan. When my dad came back he told me, "iiyak..iyak ka na naman." I cried harder. Ewan ko sa inyo. I arrived late again. They didnt scold me but I dont wanna go home nga eh. I went upstairs then I cried. Went downstairs to eat. I am not talking eventhough they are asking me. What the heck? It is not imporatant naman. So why bother to answer.

Gladys/22 years old/Philippines

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