Goin Under!
Thursday, May 1, 2008 • 9:18 PM • 0 comments

Screaming,deceiving and bleeding for you
but you wont still hear me...
So go on and scream.. SCREAM!
Scream at me! Im sooo far awayyyy.....

I am not dead! Is this my sweetest sin? Without my mask where will I hide now? Cant find myself cause IM SO FAR AWAAYYY. No flaws when Im pretending and these thousand lies made me colder. Drop a heart, break a name, We're always sleeping in, and sleeping for the wrong team.Wishing to be the friction in your jeans.Isn't it messed up how I'm just dying to be her? HAHA!

Im awfully clumsy in this blog of mine. HAHA! Did you see the name of Ehem and Ehem? Ugghh.. good thing my soul sister, Milrose reminds me of that trashy things. HAHA! did you see? did you see? did you see? HAHA! Well, I deleted the names and I replaced some codenames. HAHA! Its Labor day, Its Holiday :) So, I dont have classes now cause its Thursday.

Soooo, nothing in this blog post today :)). I just update my blog because Milrose force me. HAHA! But then, all that I have posted here are for people who are sick of lies. HAHA! So as you can see (referring to my previous post dear heart..) Its all about vain love problems. My gawd! Im just sick of stupid lies that people keep on riding. What the heck? Dont ask me that. Lies are big things and a big deal. Actually, you cant really run away from lies unless you reveal the truth. But as long as you live with lies you will deal again with another and another and another until you are force to tell the truth. Get it? HAHA! I feel so affected. So this is it. Toodles! This word is a whacked! I havent use it for a long time. HAHA! So again TOODLES!

Gladys/22 years old/Philippines

Im beyond your peripheral vision and aiming for art school.Im a provinciana girl at heart. I do think too much and contradicts myself most of the time.The internet doesn't speak for itself. There's more than meets the eye.