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Well, about what happened a while ago some scenes really suck. It was like hell. I woke up without any trace of the rain...Kakainis! Im too lazy to go to school. My father is kinda irritated ata hnd man lang ako pinansin eh. And my sister was soooooo NUMB! Anu ba? Bakit pag ako kailangan ko magmadali pero pag ikaw. Puro pa reklamo tapos blame pa ng blame sa kin. Putcha, lokohan na to ah. WTF? What's the logic there? Puro reklamo pag ako naman wala siyang naririnig sa kin. Hay nako.... EEEEEEPPPPPPPAAAAAALLLLLLL!

Bakit ganun? Were okay naman na but she's not talking to me hnd ktulad ng dati. You know what Im not asking for her attention naman. Its just were okay na and Im expecting na mas magiging open siya sa kin. Im not really angry to her naman na tlga dati pa naman. Naiinis lng ako minsan to her but not that lagi kasi I pity her for being a loner. I felt na parang naging unfair kami sa kanya for bringin her to hot seat and to answer a question in front of the whole class. But the logic there is I really want her to talk cause if I ask her personally iiyakan niya lng ako and hnd kmi tlga mkakapag usap. Im in a sandwich mess now. You know why? Cause my friends are still not contented and they dont really like it talaga. As in sobra. Pero for me, okay lang sa kin. Baka kasi pag lumapit ako sa kanya my friends will leave me. But I realy need to do this. To interact with her and to be a good friend even she dont do it to me. Yun kasi ung tama and I believe everything is destined to happen in a particular place, time and situation. Destiny have it all.

Im updating na yata lagi ah. HAHA! Di pa ganung busy eh. Milrose! Hoy! Magparamdam ka naman ;))

Gladys/22 years old/Philippines

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