And if This World Runs Out of Lovers, We'll Still Have Each Other
Tuesday, September 16, 2008 • 4:03 AM • 0 comments

Hey you! Its been a year now. Haha! Happy anniversarry. I love you forever. Im forever stuck in your heart. I'll forever keeping this vow until the end. Okay, let me keep you out from this insanity guys. Im happy now. Okay :>:>:>

I already uploaded my pics in Tin's birthday. Few pictures lang. No time na eh. I am shocked this morning because Lola Saling died mga 5:48 am ata because of her disease. I only saw her last august and I can still remember everything so it only means na recent lang tlga. I'll miss everything about her. The house, the dogs, and the reunions ofcourse. She is the only sibling that my Lola Feli have now. I will miss her talaga. May you rest in peace, Lola. Thank you for the beautiful memories. We love you so much. Now, we dont have any plan if we will visit or not. Class is on going kasi. The only free time is on Saturday pero Elementary reunion kasi eh. awww.. :(

Math sucks today. Its freakin hot and I cant concentrate. Gawd! I cant even draw the vase and its base :)) So what now? Tomorrow will be the arrival of the Virgin Mary so we will have a vigil.

I Love You Forever My 91607!

Gladys/22 years old/Philippines

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