Cruisers & Control
Saturday, September 27, 2008 • 8:24 AM • 0 comments

I had my Saturday Class now for the Research Thinggy and Im not on the mood at all. We dont have all the materials and we started late because of that Hibiscus Red Tea. I was about to go to school at 8 but I prepared late. I arrived at 8:10 am or 8:15 am. I thought Im late. Good thing I saw Aimee at the jeepney. Since I dont have any exact amount or 20 php to pay for the ride, I payed 50 php. I was waiting for my change so Aimee told me to get it from the driver. Then the driver told me na he didnt recieve any 50 php daw. I was like defensive a while ago. Siyempre, money matters :)). Then good thing, one of the students in PLP told the jeepney driver that he made pabarya my money kaya ganun. So he gave the change, but I was like daya cause he should gave me a 50 php not a 41.50 php. Ay naku. Then we were all bad shot a while ago cause we were in tunganga blues. Research is a mess this day.

I was late a while ago din because of my effin madamot na kapatid. Ay nako, basta kadamutan. Then bad shot again because we need to have a practice for the speech choir and I dont have a copy and I hate to practice this day. I wanna die this day.

After the class and practice, we went to Chimes' birthday Party. September Blast. And this is my dirty little secret. I didnt make paalam again. Saglit lng naman. Then we talked and we talked and we talked basta sobrang saya a while ago. Very fun day. Happy Birthday Chimes. Counting down the days, we will be on college next year. Aww :'(.

When I arrived, I ate then here I am in front of the PC. I was so pissed a while ago because of someone who is so kulit. He keeps on sending messages and Im so busy. I politely asked him to stop but he just snobbed it. WTF? Then he call me bastos. Who's the real bastos? My gawd! He did spill my email pa to his friends in ym and fs. And now they all think that Im a bitch. I'm lil bit affected but I dont care. I know the truth.

spirit_abscbn, that's his ym. Feel free to bash him off. He didnt show some respect then he want some. Eff! Si Jiro Manio daw siya. :)) What? He's not sikat na kasi. Magnifico is already gone boy. It only left the legacy of the story but not you.So dont you ever boast what you've accomplished. How pity naman that guy. He thought pa na I was saying bad words to him because of the "go on and fuck a duck now" and " I dont fuckin care..." :)). He's ugghh, idiot. I hate to be rude but to met someone like him is a disaster. X-(

Research Madness!

Happy Birthday Chimes! She's not Chimes, she's eug :))

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