Forever On Till Life is Gone!
Saturday, September 13, 2008 • 7:10 PM • 0 comments

Saturday madness is whacked! Went to Masci at exactly 11 am. Ugghhh, it rained hard again. My umbrella was like thrown away by the wind. HAHA! My mom and I waited for almost one hour to get that effin card of my sister. Different reactions can be seen by the wholr room. Other cry and laugh so hard. My stupid sister jumped with all her might. Baduy! :)) I got hungry. Hungry for Mcdo! We went there to eat. I went to the rest room first and sobrang daming people. Good thing I was not stuck. Then we wentto SM Manila cause we are supposed to go to French Baker but we shop. I had lots of pants now. My sissy only got one because walang kasya :)). Then went to French Baker. We bought lots of bread because my dad wants to. Then we saw Pizza Hut. Ate again. Then I forgot that its Tyn's birthday at 3 pm. She texted me. I told her that I'll be late. We went home kaagad but I forgot to bought her a gift. Sorry naman. So I went to her birthday without any gift. Next time na lng. Sa birthday ko. Babawi ako?!?! =))

When we were in gate, I saw Eug. Yeah, right. She's late! I went with her. Then we ate. Ate again. I dont ate a lot. I really felt that I'll be having a stomach ache if I have more. Picture taking then roamed around the village. We almost. I cant upload any pics now cause I need to steal pictures from a lot of people. I have my own pics but its few. And I erased in my phone my soon to be headshot. Awww.. :(

Mom's Birthday will be on Sunday. I love her. So much. Milrose will be on September 18. Right ba or 16. As far as I know its 18 eh. HAHA! Class reunion on Saturday. Parteehhh Harder!!! We'll go swimming. Excited. Love my life right now. :))

new headshot. soon! :))

Happy Birthday Tin. She's not there. :))

There she is. Beside me at the left. Love you Girl!

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