I Thought That You Would Die For Me :(
Monday, September 8, 2008 • 4:00 AM • 0 comments

I thought I will see my grandma and my aunties today, not pala =)). Mom is in hospital right now and she is waiting for my Tita to fetch up our relatives. So definitely, we will not see each other. Sabaw! :))

The rain is so hard. As in now. Sana wag mag brownout. Sana no classes tomorrow. So many I hope. Intramurals will be on the 10th. Im nervous. I am kinda pissed today cause I experience fatae invasion again. She cut it off pa then she got the bigger part. Hello! That's mine , darling.. not yours. She always make paepal pa. Ay nako! I dont wanna stuck to her talaga. Sorry :(. Me and * discussed about the peplum thing pa. Ay nako, putek! That's all I wanna say.

Me and Ailene got poped! HAHAHA! We looked retarded because of the pops ice cream. Yummy! HAHA! I love Ailene.

I miss someone. :( Milrose! Milrose! Milrose! REVIVE MARE! REVIVE! Miss you na :(

This is what you called LOVE!


Pull the stars down from the sky!


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