Know Your Priorities, Little Lady...
Saturday, September 6, 2008 • 7:30 PM • 0 comments

Im in this little thing called mili..mili..milimini! :)) I saw myself swimming in his secret oceans as what he did before. Thanng! I was hook then suddenly torn. Am I the only one believing that we are meant to be? Its killing time now. No time to give a damn. Im busy. I dont know if I am really busy. High School life is a vodka and Im completely drown. So many activities, commitments, dramas and a lot of trashy moments I've seen and heard. Good thing, my classmates and friends cheer me up always. Although some irritates me, I love them all. HAHA! I hate this crappy feeling. Its getting late so I should click some updates for us to catch up each other. Other words are PG. Sorry. I cant control what I need to control.


How about a round of Applause?

Nag joke siya! And I became her laugh stuff :)) Im not happy about it. Walang hiya siya. She laugh so hard pa. She's insane. Duh! Its not funny, she's just crazy. Im irritated cause she always deals with money. She will owe some then forget or she will totally drop it. Kay, bye. Hate her now. :)) She drew something on mind that I can never ever forget. Dumb Ass!

You Never Really know

I cried because Im stupid and weak. No more crying times again. I promise. I promise to myself that I will have fun filled life starting this week. I want some vacation! Im really craving for this one. I think I will not have any sembreak cause we need to finish our IP before things get worse. HAHA! I suggest that I should start to put racumin on my food until I cant breath anymore. Bliinnnggg! :)) My father got mad because I cried again. Kahinaan lang daw yun. How do I breath? Inhale..Exhale? Ewan ko sa inyo. :))

You'll be dead fho shou!

More like a gangsta. Galileo is angry to Einstein! HAHA! This rivalry should stop before Intrams or our presentation will be a crap. The choreographers dont want to teach us except Hart and a little bit of Jona and Odette. Others, they are all assholes! They are so bastos. The way they talk, the way they act.. you cant even recognize that they are only in mid 15 or 16. Eww! Planktons :))

Where my Party People At?

Happy Birthday Angellie! I love you :)) I had fun yesterday although I only made takas. After the practice I went on her birthday without any permission again. Sorry naman. I know my parents will not permit me eh. This is bad shot but a happy click! I love my girls. HAHA! We all went vain. And the boys. Omg!! I love them! :)) You know just how to get us. Next target daw Margareth's and Tin's. Haha! Lucky me Nigger. Pinayagan ako. :))

Panic At the Intrams!
My parents will watch our presentation. Im nervous. How would I do that? I dont know how to dance. Not that so hindi tlga. :)) Basta more updates soon. Not yet sure :>:>:>

Fatae Invasion!
She's fatae and then she told me that I dont have any ________! You're Asshole! I hate you. Damn!

Girls gone Wild! Naaat! :))

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