Lets Make it BLUE!
Thursday, September 25, 2008 • 3:56 AM • 0 comments

Congratulations to Ateneo de Manila! GO! GO! GO! Blue Eagles. The game was a whacked! Ayun, so a 62-51 game that made La Salle squashed on their grounds. Awwww :>:>:>

Well, lets jump on this one. Now Im dropping everything I that I know. Everything that's inside our codes. What the heck is the secret? Its all craziness. And I've been trapped in that circle... in her circle.

I got thrilled about what I learned earlier. I dont know if it is true. All I know is that something is not right. Okay, I'll make kwento na nga but I will not mention the name. I might spill something that I shouldnt.

The story will start here. I met this girl, I think 2 or 3 days ago. She's cool. As what I tell you she's a rich kid with a lot of task she need to complete. She's a woman of everything as what she say and we are all convinced. She told as that she love us and our section is her favorite. She even say bad things to other sections to help as convince that we're the best. But this afternoon, something strange happen. The code was broken, some things spilled in three sections and daannngg! we're hooked from this foolishness. We are all fooled by her. What she told as was also the things she told to other sections.

Now I dont know if I'll believe her or not. Some things maybe right but it can never be denied that she cheated us. That she lied to us. I dont wanna comment first because I wanna hear her side but my other classmates want revenge but I dont want it. If we will do it, we could be like her. I dont wanna drop this thing easily. More updates will be posted soon as I deal with this girl.

Feel Like I've Been Cheated Again :(

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